Wageningen, 23 April 2024 – Wageningen Campus is getting another innovative multi-tenant building. Kadans Science Partner has started developing Plus Ultra III – an extension to the current two Plus Ultra buildings aimed at innovation in the food, feed & biobased sector.

Nutritious soil

There is a strong need for more space for innovative start-ups, scale-ups and other organisations working on a daily basis to future-proof our food chain. Plus Ultra III encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration between scientists, entrepreneurs and policymakers. This way, we work together to develop safe and sustainable food for the future. A nourishing ground, then, for collaboration and success.

Right next to Plus Ultra and Plus Ultra II, the addition of Plus Ultra III contributes to a close-knit community within Wageningen Campus. With the business square as the connecting factor between the buildings, it is easy for the organisations to get in touch and participate in each other’s events and activities. Direct neighbours include Foodvalley NL, StartLife, OnePlanet Research Centre and Yili’s European Innovation Centre.

Environment for innovative companies

Plus Ultra III will be a future-proof building offering some 7,600 m2 of space for laboratories, pilot plants and offices. As the construction is made almost entirely of wood (CLT), the building is at the forefront of sustainability. One cubic metre of wood stores around 1 tonne of CO2; during the production of CLT, around 150 kilos of CO2 are released. This creates a CO2-negative construction. By also making extensive use of recycled materials, the building’s design philosophy is very much in line with the sustainability objectives of Wageningen Campus.

Johan van Gerven, Country Lead Development of Kadans Science Partner: “We are delighted that, with the development of Plus Ultra III, we can once again contribute to the vibrant agri-food ecosystem on Wageningen Campus. We also look forward to supporting even more start-ups in their growth with the arrival of a dedicated floor with laboratories for smaller tenants.”

Global reach with a local feel

Plus Ultra III is also part of Kadans’ international network, which connects innovative organisations in 27 science clusters in Europe. This gives local organisations access to talent, research or capital on an international level. This is how we bring even more people together to find solutions to the world’s biggest challenges.

Wageningen Campus

Wageningen Campus is a meeting place where students, scientists, entrepreneurs, start-ups, NGOs, SMEs and R&D centres of (inter)national companies can collaborate and share knowledge to find solutions to global challenges. It is a hotspot for innovation and knowledge sharing that brings together talent and scientific expertise. Wageningen Campus already houses more than 200 companies in total, including unique companies and organisations such as OnePlanet Research Center, DSM-Firmenich, Yili, FrieslandCampina and Unilever.