“Ultimately, creating economic value goes hand in hand with improving healthcare and quality of life.”

In the shadow of Rotterdam’s impressive skyline, a world of medical innovation and scientific progress unfolds. From genetics to clinical research, Rotterdam is not only a city with striking buildings, but a breeding ground for groundbreaking discoveries and innovative solutions in the field of Bioinformatics.

The collaboration between companies, research and knowledge institutions, and the government in Rotterdam is the breeding ground for many medical innovations that are developed here and find their way to patients worldwide. This is also the opinion of Desiree van der Kleij, Chief Operating Officer of Cerba Research. “Ultimately, creating economic value goes hand in hand with improving healthcare and quality of life.”

Cerba Research does this by supporting clinical and preclinical studies for the development of drugs and vaccines to prevent and treat viral infections. By providing the biopharmaceutical sector with advanced diagnostics and various services and advice, Cerba Research contributes to improving human health.

“We work closely with our clients in setting up the studies. Which markers are we going to measure? What tests do we need to develop for this? What quality requirements do they have to meet? How do we organize the logistics to get the right patient samples from all over the world to our laboratory in good condition? We also play a role in this.”

Cerba Research receives these clients in the Rotterdam Science Tower, where it carries out clinical trials for large pharmaceutical companies in a four-story laboratory. A pleasant environment, according to Van der Kleij. “It is a building with a high wow-factor. You walk in and you are not only overwhelmed by the view of the Rotterdam skyline, but together with, among others, Erasmus MC Incubator, we also form an inspiring community that gives ambitious entrepreneurs the place to grow.”

The Rotterdam Science Tower is one of the landmark buildings in Rotterdam filled with innovation and entrepreneurship. Get in touch with Teun to find out more.