Utrecht Science Park

Vibrant environment for those who improve our quality of life 

Improving quality of life

The Utrecht Science Park is home to the largest concentration of knowledge-intensive organisations in the Netherlands. With 130 organisations on over 300 hectares of land, the park has the highest density of knowledge institutions in a small area. Besides activity, there is also room for education, with over 51,000 students attending classes at Universiteit Utrecht and Hogeschool Utrecht.

Facts & figures about Utrecht Science Park

  • 3 Builings of Kadans

  • 150+ Companies

  • 51.000 Students

  • 27.000 Employees


Want to know more about the rental options at Utrecht Science Park?

Rob van Overbeek
M: +31 646067411 E: r.overbeek@kadans.com

Rob van Overbeek M: +31 646067411 E: r.overbeek@kadans.com


Want to know more about the rental opportunities on Utrecht Science Park?

Rob van  Overbeek    
M: +31 646067411     E: r.overbeek@kadans.com

Education, research and entrepreneurship in one place

Utrecht Science Park offers a dynamic place where business, industry and academia can work together to create healthier, safer and more sustainable cities for this and future generations. The park’s focus here is on topics within Life Sciences & Health and Sustainability.


Since the 1960s, more and more research institutes and spin-offs, such as Genmab, Merus and GenX, started to settle in Utrecht. To make the most of this unique concentration of knowledge and intensify cooperation between institutions and companies, a plan was set up with the ambition of being a clear added value for the area. One result was the Utrecht Science Park, where these institutions and companies could establish themselves. Over the years, a thriving ecosystem within Life Sciences & Health was thus created in Utrecht.

Photo by Nadine van den Berg

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