We look back on a very successful day at Innovation for Health 2020! We had the opportunity to meet and talk to many people active in the field of life sciences & health as well as to introduce them to Kadans Science Partner and our concept. We have had many interesting conversations at our booth on the exhibition floor and a high turnout at our sponsored session on innovation ecosytems.

During our masterclass that was moderated by Hans Schikan (successful biotech entrepreneur), different experts reflected on the essence and benefits for life sciences and health organizations of being part of an innovation ecosystem. First, Paul Jansen (associate director at ARUP) explained the different spatial models for innovation, the essence of an innovation ecosystem and the most important lessons to create and manage such an ecosystem.
Rikus Wolbers (director of the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen) elaborated on what makes this campus successful. He showed the important instruments to manage a campus, like accommodation and business support, and emphasized that a good an balanced governance structure is important for the success of a campus.
As a third speaker, Tom Straeter (senior ecosystem manager at Kadans Science Partner) endorsed the relevance of a balanced governance structure and added that private stakeholders, like Kadans, are becoming a more important partner for managing the campus and ecosystem. Tom also highlighted the ecosystem management that is offered by Kadans to both its (future) tenants and campus management organizations. On top of the tailor-made accommodation, including facility and technical services, Kadans offers various other ecosystem services to fulfill the core needs of organizations to be innovative and successful. For example, access to a big network of scientific and research institutions and innovative companies on campuses and science parks throughout Europe, network meetings, community events, career events, incubator and accelerator programs.

Kadans also offers access to lab facilities and instruments via its new partner Clustermarket. Johannes Solzbach (CEO of Clustermarket) provided a pitch about this new splendid service that will become available for the Dutch life sciences & health community very soon.

Are your interested how Kadans could support your life sciences and health organization? Or would you like to know how Kadans you cooperate in increasing the success of your campus? Please contact us!