Leiden Bio Science Park

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Leiden Bio Science Park

Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP) is the largest knowledge cluster for Life Sciences & Health in the Netherlands. The park, which covers about 110 hectares, has plenty of space for Life Sciences & Health-related activity. Leiden Bio Science Park is home to the largest number of bioscience start-ups in the Netherlands.

Facts & figures about Leiden Bio Science Park

  • 1 Building of Kadans
  • 215 Companies

  • 30.000 Students

  • 20.000 Employees


Want to know more about rental options at Leiden Bio Science Park?

Rob van Overbeek
M: +31 646067411 E: r.overbeek@kadans.com

Rob van Overbeek M: +31 646067411 E: r.overbeek@kadans.com


Want to know more about rental opportunities on Leiden Bio Science Park?

Rob van  Overbeek    
M: +31 646067411     E: r.overbeek@kadans.com

 A growing Life Sciences & Health cluster

LBSP has grown considerably in 35 years, housing 215 companies by 2021. They include two Life Science museums,LUMC, and five faculties of Leiden University. In total, some 20,000 employees work at the park every day, and 30,000 students are taught.

Inspiring and green environment

The LBSP’s ambition is to transform into an attractive green and water-rich area. The density of the built-up area will increase while at the same time beautiful parks will be created and lots of greenery will be placed near the buildings and green spaces next to the paths and roads. Native tree species such as willow, ash, oak and birch are also planted. Together with the many water and natural banks, the park will have its own identity.

There are also more and more attractive residential areas that provide liveliness even after office hours. In the coming years, the supply of restaurants, shops and other amenities will increase significantly.


Leiden Bio Science Park was established in 1984 in the Leeuwenhoek area. The park was located between the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of Leiden University and the then Academic Hospital Leiden (now Leiden University Medical Centre). Over time, the municipality of Leiden decided to allocate the area primarily for biotechnology-related industry.

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