Kadans Science Partner welcomes molecular diagnostics company, GeneFirst Limited, to The Science Quadrant at Abingdon Science Park, Oxfordshire. This move supports GeneFirst’s growth and expansion following their time at Culham Science Park. GeneFirst are specialist working in the fields of infectious disease, cancer diagnostics and personalised medicine.

Abingdon Science Park is one of the leading locations in Oxfordshire for science and technology innovation. Set in an attractive, landscaped location to the south of Oxford, the park offers a variety of accommodation to suit companies at all stages of their development. Abingdon Science Park is home to a fantastic cluster of R&D and Science related companies, driving its own ecosystem. Kadans is continuously bringing forward new laboratory accommodation on the park to support the needs of growing businesses in Oxfordshire.

Kadans Science Partner worked closely with our partners Bulb Laboratories, specialist laboratory design & delivery service providers, to provide a fully fitted turnkey solution for GeneFirst. Kadans & Bulb worked with GeneFirst to understand their business and real estate requirements. We were able to advise and provide GeneFirst with fully operational laboratories & office space bespoke and suitable for their needs.

Katie Nelson, Commercial Asset Manager at Kadans Science Partner: “We are so excited to have GeneFirst join us at The Science Quadrant. They support our rapidly expanding diagnostics cluster here at the park. They are a great addition to our ecosystem of the area. Likewise, they are a fantastic example of what Kadans can do working with our tenants to provide them best in class facilities.”

Winnie Wu, Chief Operations Officer, GeneFirst Limited: “We are very pleased with the space that Kadans and Bulb Laboratories have created for GeneFirst, a growing company focused on delivering innovations to screen for and detect cancers earlier. As an ISO 13485 certified organisation, our specifications are stringent, and we need to ensure that the new infrastructure continues to conform to the high quality standards required. This move has been transformative for the business, allowing us to align our vision and values to provide highly accurate molecular diagnostics in personalised healthcare.”

For more information about GeneFirst, visit their website.