Today we are introducing another member of the Kadans community at the TU/e Campus. This time we are speaking with Chan Botter, Team Manager of Team SOLID. SOLID is one of the student teams from the TU/e and is located in MMP.

Hi, welcome to the Kadans’ community! Please introduce Team SOLID to the rest of the Kadans’ community at the TU/e Campus and at other campuses and science parks across the Netherlands and Europe.

“SOLID is a student team from Eindhoven University of Technology consisting of 30 interdisciplinary students. We work on an innovative, clean technology that will allow energy-intensive industries to make the energy transition. We do this by developing iron fuel; a compact, CO2-free, and circular energy carrier.
My name is Chan Botter, I am the team manager and business manager of SOLID for the academic year 2020-2021.”

What is the mission of SOLID and what are your main activities?

“We hope to provide access to renewable energy for anyone at any time. On a daily basis this means we work on developing the iron fuel technology both technically and economically and by promoting iron fuel to the outside world. We have multiple sub-teams within SOLID that help keep SOLID running or work on the technical development, the business case, and the marketing of iron fuel. ”

What are the biggest challenges for SOLID?

“Every technological innovation encounters problems. It requires time, energy and finance for it to be researched and developed. Iron fuel requires the same.”

Which organizations on the campus do you currently work with to take on these challenges?

“We work closely together with multiple partners. The TU/e is an important one of course. Next to that, we are an innovation space team so they also support us. A startup named RIFT was founded last year that also works on iron fuel and one of our technical partners Heat Power is also located at the TU/e campus.”

Why should other organizations at the campus contact SOLID?

“We are an enthusiastic team of students and we bring liveliness everywhere we go. As a student team we have a great position between knowledge institutes, politics, industry and society. We are also an ambitious team and hope to make a difference. If we can help you then let us know.”

You are accommodated in MMP, how does the recent renovation benefit you?

“Unfortunately we haven’t been able to spend a lot of time there with the whole team due to the corona measures, but we really like the facilities that are available. The meeting rooms are really convenient for us and a shout out to the cleaners because they do an amazing job and are always friendly!”

Apart from being accommodated in MMP, what are the advantages of being located at the TU/e campus?

“We are a part of the TU/e and most of our team members study here which makes it a very convenient location for us. Everything is all very close by.”

Finally, is there anything else you would like to share with the community?

“Come talk to us, we would love to get to know you and tell you what we are doing. Our beer fridge is well stocked so feel free to drop by and have a drink with us!”