Nijmegen, November 22, 2022 – As an organisation within the Netherlands, tax laws and managing corporate tax can be quite overwhelming. Our new partnership with NovioTax will provide exclusive benefits and support for our tenants who experience these challenges.

“Kadans has an interesting community that fits well with the sectors we work in and the services we provide. Therefore, we would like to contribute to this network by supporting Kadans tenants with all the tax related challenges they might face,” says Gert-Jan Hop, Tax Lawyer at NovioTax.

NovioTax is a Dutch research-based tax consultancy firm. They provide tax advisory services which are client centric and focused on mitigating tax risk and minimising cost. They can provide services in the field of corporate tax, international tax and transfer pricing, but also on advising funds and private individuals investing in real estate in the Netherlands or abroad. Thanks to years of experience, they have gained the expertise and in-depth knowledge to provide clients with a transparent, high quality, and accessible service.

NovioTax is very passionate about a constant knowledge expansion. They research, write, and publish in-depth articles regularly, often based on topics that are interesting and valuable for the Kadans community. Valuing Research and knowledge to the benefit of the client, shows that NovioTax cares about more than just tax services. Thereby, a perfect match for our community.

Tenants of Kadans can go to NovioTax to discuss any tax or financial related questions they might have. To further support the success within their tax and financial challenges, NovioTax will provide the following benefit:

  • Four free consultancy hours for tax matters in which NovioTax uses their expertise to help your organisation with related challenges.

“We are very glad that the partnership with NovioTax will be able to support our tenants with their tax challenges. NovioTax is more than capable of providing a quality service and has created amazing benefits for Kadans tenants,” says Tom Straeter, Ecosystem Manager Kadans Science Partner.

Do you want to make use of these benefits? Contact Elise Verschoor, Ecosystem Manager at Kadans Science Partner, for more information and possibilities.

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