Creating change: partnership approach is key

We look back on a successful first edition of the Kadans Innovation Summit! With guests from all over Europe, we brought together an international network of entrepreneurs, scientists, and ecosystem partners. After a spectacular opening, chairman Maarten Steinbuch and co-host Rudy van Beurden found out from the audience that the furthest guest came all the way from Madrid. Many of the guests came to the event to learn more about ecosystems and our international network.

Kadans Science Partner CEO Michel Leemhuis welcomed everyone to the event and emphasized the priority Kadans gives to connecting people and organisations. To keep on stimulating meetings, collaboration and knowledge-sharing after the event, a new concept was introduced: the Kadans Community Platform. If you were present at the Kadans Innovation Summit, make sure you activate your account to get access to photos, presentations, and more info from the event day.

Following the word from Michel Leemhuis, Deborah Nas kicked off with a keynote presentation on the adoption of new technologies. With her inspiring presentation, she explained how not everybody naturally sees the benefits of new technologies, that new technology can be overwhelming and difficult to understand. A partnership approach can help to create the change needed. Collaborate with partners to change the game and introduce the benefits of your innovation.

Daan Luining, Founder and CTO of Meatable, went on to add how change can be created. His company is changing the game of meat consumption by creating steak from cells. “If you provide people with a better benefit that fulfils their needs, they will make the change”, said Daan.

Another example of a new technology is the hyperloop. Tim Houter, Co-founder and CDO of Hardt Hyperloop, told his story on how the world is moving away from traditional transportation. With taking on partnership approach as Deborah explained earlier, Hardt Hyperloop aims to connect the continent as one sustainable metropolis. With the shared ambition from the European Commission and all companies involved, they are accelerating the development program by sharing knowledge.

After a short break an interesting item appeared in the auditorium: the smart toilet. Eva Wentink, Principal Scientist of OnePlanet Research Center elaborated on their research on long-term health monitoring by using an everyday item used regularly: the toilet. Her real-time demonstration allowed the volunteer to use his hands on a separate toilet seat.

The plenary program closed with a panel discussion with panel members Jasmijn Kok (Juno Perinatal), Friso Smit (Utrecht Science Park), Maarten van de Graaf (DSM) and Pete Wilder (Oxford Science Enterprises). They all shared their thoughts on connecting organisations and scientists to stimulate research and development, as well as their experiences with efforts to stimulate these meetings and opportunities for knowledge-sharing.

After a lunch and some time to connect with fellow event guests, a matchmaking session was organised. Based on specific topics and business challenges, everyone got divided into groups to tackle these challenges together. A great opportunity to meet new people and get new insights.

Various workshops provided some practical activities during the afternoon. Everyone got to choose their favourite of five workshops: ‘What is next in digital storytelling’ by Marte Koeleman (Handpicked Agencies), ‘The possibilities of VR & AR’ by Maurice Kruse (Total Reality), ‘Business vlogging’ by Lieke van der Plas (LEF Media), ‘Kickstart your growth’ by Leonardo Fuligni (Erasmus Centre of Entrepreneurship), and ‘War on talent’ by Chris Geelen (HIP BV).

A plenary closing concluded the program of the day. Maarten Steinbuch and Rudy van Beurden learned from the audience that everyone met at least three new people and got some new insights to implement in their own working environment. A chance to network some more was provided afterwards while enjoying some food and drinks.

We are glad to hear that everyone learned something new this day and took their chance to connect with our innovative network of people and organisations from 25 science parks across Europe. With great feedback from our guests, we look forward to welcoming you again next year!

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