Happiness and Health at Work

A webinar series by Kadans Science Partner

Happiness and Health at Work

Companies are continuously searching for ways to attract talent and motivate current employees to perform to their best. Common knowledge confirms that motivated employees are able to yield a higher output (results) while maintaining a high input (effort). In this ideal scenario, employees are highly productive and invested in the company.

There are certain factors that play a role in creating the optimal high input and output scenario while supporting a balanced work-life interface. To discover what these factors are, we’ve created a series of webinars on four topics related to Happiness and Health at Work.

This webinar series was prepared in collaboration with a certified international leadership facilitator with over 20 years of experience coaching international teams. In every session, this facilitator will provide a theoretical framework about the topic and will share tips that you can immediately adopt and put to the test. In addition, a member from the Kadans Community will join the conversation to share their opinion and experience. They will approach the topic from a practical perspective and will give examples of the initiatives they carry out to support their teams and clients.

Next to the release of the webinars, we’ll be sharing tips relevant to the topic that will generate more inspiration and ideas. Moreover, you can also engage in conversation with the webinar guest speaker and the rest of the Kadans community! Check out the new Webinar theme under ‘Groups’ in our Kadans Community platform.

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Karina Garcia del Real
M: +316 57823078 E: k.garcia@kadans.com

Karina Garcia del Real M: +316 57823078 E: k.garcia@kadans.com

Webinar 1: Mental Health

Guest speaker: Mike Lie-A-Lien, Health Manager at Vanderlande

State of mind is the starting point of happiness and health at work. Mental health influences everything: our productivity, how we cope with stress, how we work in teams, and it’s fundamental for growth. In this session we’ll unpack why mental health is important, and how to achieve an optimum state of being.

The webinar’s facilitator, Sylvie Vizzino, will walk you through the steps companies and teams need to adopt in order to unlock a work culture that prioritizes mental health. This is crucial for creating an open environment in which employees feel heard and can safely ventilate their concerns.

In the second part of the program, Health Manager at Vanderlande, Mike Lie-A-Lien will dive into cases that provide clear examples of what Vanderlande does to prevent stress and burn-out in the workplace. As a Health Manager, Mike’s focus is to keep physical and mental absenteeism at its minimum, so he will explain what programs and resources they have developed to support their employees when they’re going through challenging personal situations or when they’re under high stress.

Want to know more about how Mike keeps Vanderlande’s employees healthy? Don’t hesitate to send him an email.

Webinar 2: Change your Mind

Guest speaker: Robin van Woerden, Group Commercial Director at Talentmark

We are all able to learn new things and achieve more than we can. Our brain offers an unlimited opportunity for growth; nonetheless, our way of thinking and reacting to everyday challenges are heavily influenced by our unconscious mindset generated by our thoughts, beliefs, and experiences.

To unlock our true potential we need to “uncondition” our thinking and dare to explore alternative opportunities and possibilities. In our second webinar: Change your Mind, coach Sylvie Vizzino will explain step-by-step how to see beyond your current models of thinking. She will also illustrate how to create a larger impact in your world by focusing on your circle of influence and keeping a proactive attitude.

Our guest speaker, Robin van Woerden, Group Commercial Director at Talentmark, will describe why companies must adopt an agile mindset that nurtures growth and flexibility. Robin will dive into how this begins from the hiring process by adopting a skills-oriented approach and avoiding traditional hiring methods that reinforce unconscious biases.

Would you like to learn more about Robin’s expertise in helping companies develop a growth mindset to attract the right talent? Don’t hesitate to send him an email.

Webinar 3: Productivity

Guest speaker: Joram Hofman, Business Unit Manager at FullCircle, PeopleFirst Group

A focus on the golden egg will neglect the goose. That is the moral of a fable found in children’s books, but it also carries a powerful message that reminds us that the producer is more important than the product. A strong emphasis on the product might hinder the ability of an employer to prioritize the wellbeing and contentment of an employee; and therefore, curbing her production capability.

In this third webinar, coach Sylvie Vizzino will introduce the theme productivity, the fundamental principles to maintain and increase production, and the checks necessary to avoid productivity downtime. In addition, our guest speaker Joram Hofman, Business Unit Manager at FullCircle, will discuss the importance of measuring and improving the employee experience and happiness at work. Joram will explain how a climate survey in the workplace is a powerful tool employed by companies to measure and improve the employee wellbeing and production capability.

This session is devised for management teams, professionals who are developing team strategy or are interested in learning how to increase team productivity and engagement. Would you like to learn more about measuring and boosting your team’s productivity? Don’t hesitate to send Joram an email.

This webinar series is powered by:

WorkJoy is a collective of experienced trainers with a focus on work happiness. Each trainer active at WorkJoy exclusively guides workshops within his or her expertise. This way, they guarantee the best quality and highest learning return.
Vanderlande is a market-leading, global partner for future-proof logistic process automation in the warehousing, airports and parcel sectors. Its extensive portfolio results in the realisation of fast, reliable and efficient automation technology.
Talentmark is committed to helping Life Sciences organisations transform human health. They do this with the help of their consultative approach, enabling them to effectively apply their recruitment solutions to all operational areas, job functions and roles.
FullCricle improves the quality of work. They know where the needs lie with regard to work experience and happiness within your organisation and advise you on concrete actions to undertake. In this way, they improve the quality of work at your organisation.