Biosafety lab

Are you looking for a party that has the knowledge and experience to develop a Biosafety lab? Kadans Science Partner can help you with this. In addition to M1, M2 and M3 labs, we can also develop various Biosafety labs for you.

Biosafety level 1

All micro-organisms (such as viruses, fungi, bacteria) that do not normally cause disease in humans may be used. No special safety measures are required other than a well-equipped microbiological laboratory. Ordinary laboratory hygiene is sufficient. All waste is decontaminated. (Source: GMO)

Biosafety level 2

Here, it is permitted to work with organisms that cause diseases that do not spread easily among the population and against which effective medicines or vaccines exist. Examples are whooping cough, diphtheria, measles and meningococcus. However, the lab is only accessible to people who work there and know the procedures. Doors are always closed during work and windows cannot be opened. The entire area is set up for efficient cleaning and disinfection. All waste is disinfected. (Source: GMO)

Biosafety level 3

This is where we work with the causes of very serious diseases that may spread among the population, but for which medicines or vaccinations are available. Examples are polio, tuberculosis and typhoid. The air pressure in these rooms is lower than that of the environment, so the air is always ‘flowing in’. One may only enter the lab through a lock and dressed in a coat with a back closure. Work is carried out in a biological safety work bench or in a glove box. Materials may only be released if they are double wrapped and decontaminated on the outside. Potentially contaminated waste is first decontaminated before it is disposed of. (Source: GMO)

Clinical chemistry lab

Is your company or organisation looking for a clinical chemical lab? Kadans can develop it for you. Whether you want to set it up in one of our existing business premises or realise a complete lab. We have the right knowledge, experience and people to take care of this for you

Bodily fluids

A clinical chemistry lab is specifically developed for the research of body fluids. Think for example of blood, bone marrow, stool or cerebrospinal fluid. In order to research these substances, certain permits and quality requirements must be met. We can help your company or organisation with these matters so you can focus on innovation.

Rent a clinical chemistry lab

Please contact us for the possibilities of hiring a clinical chemical lab. We are happy to assist you and welcome you at one of our 24 campuses in Europe where we are already active with knowledge intensive business space.

Microbiological laboratory

Does your company or organisation research micro-organisms such as viruses, yeasts, moulds and bacteria? Then you know there’s a lot involved in setting up a business space that’s fully equipped for microbiological research. At Kadans we have the knowledge and experience to realise this space for you.

Renting a microbiological laboratory

Are you looking for a place to rent a small microbiological laboratory, or do you need a larger laboratory in which to carry out microbiological research? At Kadans you can go either way. We can accommodate your company or organisation in one of our multi-tenanted buildings, or we can build a complete research centre for you.

Knowledge and experience

In order to carry out your research as well as possible, your workplace must meet the legal requirements for this type of research. But we are also happy to go the extra mile to ensure that your future workplace fits in perfectly with your wishes. We can arrange the space flexibly, in combination with office spaces and other knowledge-intensive areas. We can realise this on one of the many campuses where we are active. Make use of our knowledge, experience and network!