What is a cleanroom?

Information about cleanrooms

What is a cleanroom?

According to the NEN-EN-ISO 14644-1 standard, a cleanroom is a space in which the concentration of airborne particles is limited within predetermined limits. A cleanroom is therefore a working environment with a minimum of pollutants. The air pressure in a cleanroom is higher than that of the spaces outside the cleanroom in order to prevent the inflow of ‘dirty’ air.

What do you need a cleanroom for?

A cleanroom offers the ideal environment in which to produce or handle vulnerable products. But a cleanroom may also be useful or even obligatory if employees are required to perform critical actions under conditions where maximum pollutant levels apply.

Cleanroom class? What are the ISO standards for cleanrooms?

The ISO standard for cleanrooms, ISO 14644-1, consists of several classes, namely ISO Class 1 to ISO Class 9. Each class has its own maximum concentration of particles, depending on the particle size. Cleanrooms are thus classified according to the number of particles of a maximum size per volume of air.

The Wikipedia page on cleanrooms provides more information on the various cleanrooms classes.

Which cleanroom fitout is best for me?

Cleanrooms come in various types and sizes. With our focus on and experience with the leasing of multifunctional commercial space to science businesses, Kadans Science Partner is best positioned to advise you on the design and fitout of a cleanroom. Primary attention is thereby given to the working process and the standards that apply to your production environment.

Which cleanroom is best for you depends on these and numerous other factors, such as your products, the people and actions that they must perform, the maximum germ and dust levels, statutory requirements and regulations, as well as certain rules such as the Good Manufacturing Practice (EU GMP) which your organisation may wish you to comply with. Kadans Science Partner is completely familiar with the requirements that you make of clean working environments and can optimally advise and assist you.