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Biopartner Center Wageningen
BioPartner Center Wageningen offers office space and laboratory facilities for companies in the life sciences, agriculture and food sectors. The building’s incubator function stimulates contact and cooperation between companies. BioPartner Center offers facilities for experienced companies, but also for start-ups and scale-ups. Innovative ideas are given the opportunity to grow here. Kadans Science Partner has extensive experience in finding the right specific solutions. Because of our specialized knowledge in the field of knowledge-intensive housing we are able to offer housing that perfectly matches the needs of your company. Establishing a business in BioPartner Center does not only mean an excellent workplace and access to the science park, but also access to a large network of companies and institutions active in the life sciences, food and health sectors in the Food Valley region.

Want to rent laboratory or office space?
The spaces for rent in BioPartner Center Wageningen can be arranged according to your own preferences. Units are already available from 20 m² and flexible combinations are possible. Laboratories, cleanrooms, pilot plants, climate-controlled rooms and multifunctional research areas can all be custom designed so that the facilities are fully adapted to the research activities of your organisation. Please contact us for the possibilities of accommodating your organisation.

Rik Creemers

Want to know more about the rental opportunities in Biopartner Centre Wageningen?

Rik Creemers
M: +31 61396 8955 E:

Rik Creemers

Want to know more about the rental opportunities in Biopartner Centre Wageningen?

Rik Creemers
M: +31 61396 8955 E:

Wageningen Campus

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Biopartner Center Wageningen offers lab and office space from 20 m2. In addition, clients can use various shared facilities such as meeting rooms.


Biopartner Center Wageningen has a dedicated team of experts ready to serve you. You can contact our technical and facilities managers with all management-related questions. This way, we make sure you only have to worry about running your organisation. Need help designing your ideal workspace? Kadans is happy to offer support in the fit-out process.


Located on the Wageningen Campus, Biopartner Center Wageningen offers space to organisations in the Agrifood sector. As a client, you are also part of the Kadans Community. We put you in touch with interesting partners from our network to help your organisation flourish and grow.

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