Rent a pilot plant in a multitenant science building?

R&D locations with pilot plants

Rent a pilot plant in a multitenant science building?

Kadans Science Partner is specialised in the accommodation of knowledge-intensive businesses and institutes. Besides accommodating businesses and institutes in ‘own’ premises, Kadans Science Partner also owns various multitenant science buildings, which are always located near knowledge institutes. Users of these multitenant science buildings are both startups and companies that have already made a name for themselves.

Startups, but also established businesses and institutes recognise the value of being near other researchers, especially in a building equipped with various high-quality facilities, such as laboratories, cleanrooms, climate-controlled spaces, multifunctional R&D facilities, pilot plant, techno halls, etc.

Are you interested in leasing facilities with a pilot plant? Then come view one of our locations. We can then inform you where space is available and how we can be of further service. Call us directly to arrange an informal consultation.

Op zoek naar huisvesting met R&D faciliteiten en een pilotplant? Uw pilot plant of proef fabriek wordt door Kadans op maat voor u gebouwd. In een eigen locatie of in een science verzamelgebouw.