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52Nijmegen on Novio Tech Campus

A landmark in the Nijmegen area

52Nijmegen on Novio Tech Campus

About 52Nijmegen

The acquisition of the iconic 52Nijmegen marked an enriching expansion of Kadans Science Partner’s portfolio. 52Nijmegen is located on the edge of Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen, next to the two existing Kadans buildings Building A and Building M. The name of the building is a reference to the location of the building, the 52nd longitude.

Standing 86 meters tall with 18 floors above ground, 52Nijmegen is a real landmark for the Nijmegen region. The remarkable design of the building contains a subtle 10 degrees bend functioning as a welcoming gesture to its occupiers and visitors. 52Nijmegen provides over 25,000 square meters of lettable floor area consisting of offices, laboratories, meeting rooms, a bar and restaurant. It also offers 587 parking spaces on two underground levels. 

The addition of 52Nijmegen to the portfolio enables Kadans to complement and enhance Novio Tech Campus by upgrading and expending its rent offering and add flexibility by having the opportunity to move tenants between the three buildings. With the three buildings on Novio Tech Campus, Kadans is able to cater new tenants, which are looking for larger, higher quality office spaces or laboratories. 52Nijmegen currently houses 9 businesses active in the semiconductor, high tech and consultancy sector. 

Tenants 52Nijmegen

Centrum Indicatiestelling Zorg
Delta Lloyd Schade Services
Royal Haskoning DHV

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52Nijmegen on Novio Tech Campus
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