SoilCares winner FoodValley ICT Awards

SoilCares winner FoodValley ICT Awards

Kadans congratulates SoilCares on winning the FoodValley ICT Awards! SoilCares was named company of the year in the category ‘ICT start up company & projects’. 

Over 350 people travelled to Veenendaal for the first edition of the FoodValley ICT Awards. The Goal of the FoodValley ICT Awards is to put the ICT sector within the Food Valley region on the map. Various companies and professionals went home with an award within different categories, like SoilCares from Wageningen. 

SoilCares strives to share up-to-date knowledge on agriculture and horticulture with farmers all over the world. SoilCares develops innovative technologies that are put directly in the hands of the farmer, like a compact laboratory, Lab In A Box, to easily test soil and a handheld scanner that enables farmers to measure basic nutrients held in their soil. All knowledge of SoilCares is collected in a global database. 

SoilCares is tenant of Kadans in BioPartner Center Wageningen.

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