MindAffect raises big investment for development ALS-invention

MindAffect raises big investment for development ALS-invention

Startup MindAffect, tenant of Kadans Science Partner in Nijmegen, has received a one-million euro investment. In Gebouw M, situated on Novio Tech Campus, the company works on a technology that allows locked-in patients, such as people suffering from ALS, to communicate again. ALS is a specific disease which affects the neurons controlling voluntary muscles.

MindAffect was founded in 2017 and originates from the Donders Institute of Radboud University Nijmegen. Their invention detects specific brain activity to determine what people are looking at, which can enable the control of a computer.
Peter Desain, professor Artificial Intelligence at the Radboud University, explains the potential impact of the invention. "Patients who are not able to speak and move as a consequence of ALS or a cerebral infarct can use our technology to communicate with their loved ones again."

The development of MindAffects’ technology was built on research that has been financed partly by international ALS-foundations. These funds are extended with the current investment of €1 million in venture capital by a consortium of Dutch investors.

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