Plus Ultra

Incubator and multi-tenant complex on Wageningen Campus

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Wageningen Campus
Approx. 7,500 m²
End 2015

About Plus Ultra

The challenge

Opposite ORION on Wageningen Campus, a breeding place has been developed for startups and mature knowledge-intensive businesses and institutes. End 2015 marked the delivery of Plus Ultra, a location in which synergy, interaction, cooperation and open innovation between the various companies are key. All the occupants of this building share knowledge and work together on new developments. Openness, transparency, communication and visibility play a critical role.

Plus Ultra comprises approx. 7,500 m² of laboratories, cleanrooms, pilot plants, climate-controlled spaces, multifunctional research facilities, techno halls, conference rooms, presentation facilities and offices. An incubator function dedicated to support, innovation and development has also been realised. The ambition of the building is reflected by its name. ‘Plus Ultra’ means “ever further”, as a reference to the drive to keep innovating and improving. Plus Ultra is a reaction to the famous historical text ‘Non Plus Ultra’ placed by Hercules on the 2 pillars at the Strait of Gibraltar. The pillars on both the African and European mainland marked the end of the world: ‘nothing exists beyond this point’. Emperor Charles V, who since 1516 was also the king of Spain, chose ‘Plus Ultra’ - a variation on Non Plus Ultra - as his motto. Under Charles' reign, Spain experienced an enormous colonial expansion, reflecting that the Strait of Gibraltar no longer marked the end of the world and that Spain's ambitions extended beyond the horizon. Plus Ultra has since then symbolised the drive to go further, never stop exploring and always be curious. Traits that form the essence of this research complex.

As the unique development concept of Kadans also applies to Plus Ultra, every housing demand made by users can be incorporated in the design of Plus Ultra. Customisation also remains possible after the building is delivered.

Plus Ultra, after the R&D centre of Friesland Campina, forms the second development on the business strip of Wageningen Campus. Wageningen Campus has since 2007 been home to Wageningen UR. This education and research institute, which focuses on health food and the living environment, is among the top 3 of its field worldwide. Wageningen UR, with a workforce of over 5,500 and 10,000 students, is geared to the valorisation of its knowledge and research results within the golden triangle. This intensive cooperation between government, business community and knowledge institutes is also reflected by the further development of Wageningen Campus and the strengthening of the entrepreneurial climate.   

Tenants Plus Ultra

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AOC Raad
CLS Services
CSK Food Enrichment
EDP Patent Attorneys B.V.
Foodcase International
Green Dino

Green Protein
Groene Tafel
IPSS Engineering B.V.
KLV Professional Match B.V.
Kryt B.V.

Ruben Smit Productions
Schothorst Feed Research
Schuttelaar & Partners
Triple 20
Tyker Technology B.V.
UniPartners Wageningen
Yili Innovation Center Europe  

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Kadans Science Partner stimulates cooperation within her multi-tenant buildings to create a true community. Because of the incubator function, the building is not only a place to work but also a place to meet other entrepeneurs, to share knowledge and give ideas and innovations the chance to grow. 

Kadans support initiatives to broaden and strenghten the community. StartLife organizes a Community Day in Plus Ultra to strenghten their network of start-ups and experienced professionals.

Plus Ultra

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