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About Marijkeweg 22 - Marijkehuis

Kadans acquired this property in 2009 from the Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR) and carried out a complete renovation. The building immediately adjoins Rijn IJssel College, which houses a Konditorei. Marijkehuis offers accommodation to entrepreneurs who require office and laboratory space. This concerns startups in the field of R&D and other organisations with a need for office space. Long-term leases have been concluded with several parties such as Stichting Kinderopvang Wageningen, Wageningen Academic Publishers, In2Care, Optimezers and Water Insight. Marijkehuis offers easy access by bicycle, car and public transport.

Kadans Science Partner provides service and supports its tenants wherever possible, e.g., in the form of:
-    a location manager with experience in the field of property
-    access to a broad network
-    support and/or participation in grant applications

For further information on Marijkeweg 22 in Wageningen, contact Rik Creemers.

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Tenants Marijkewg 22

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De innovatiemakelaar 

Kinderopvang Wageningen

Wageningen Academic Publishers
Water Insight 

Photos Marijkehuis

Marijkeweg 22, Wageningen, Marijkehuis
Marijkeweg 22, Wageningen, Marijkehuis
Marijkeweg 22, Wageningen, Marijkehuis
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