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Wageningen Campus

About Wageningen Campus

Wageningen Campus is located between Utrecht and the Arnhem-Nijmegen region. It is the ideal location for researchers, entrepreneurs and education on the topic of nutrition, food production and health. The vision of Wageningen Campus is aimed at attracting and retaining large businesses that left their mark on the knowledge domain of Wageningen University & Research (Agro, Food and Bio based). The leading position of Wageningen UR in Europe strongly contributes to this goal.

This vision is successfully executed by creating an ideal business climate. Wageningen Campus houses over 200 businesses in total, including unique businesses like CSK, Yili, FrieslandCampina, Eurofins and Unilever. 12,000 students from over 100 countries are active on Wageningen Campus, in addition to the 7,000 employees from Wageningen UR and the businesses.
Wageningen Campus reaches all over Wageningen. There are various locations within Wageningen and each location has its own identity. The knowledge institutes are located nearby the university, as well as businesses that maintain a strong relationship with the university. In other areas of Wageningen, the link with the university is also present, though not necessarily physically.
The university campus provides space for businesses to build their own buildings, but housing in a multi-tenant building is also an option. A multi-tenant building provides a business climate in which sharing of knowledge and transparency are key, like in Plus Ultra.
The Business & Science Park Wageningen (BSPW) is a location specifically for businesses in life sciences, health and food. Their own business association stimulates and promotes contact and collaboration between businesses and entrepreneurs. The BSPW is an outstanding place for growing knowledge-intensive businesses thanks to the availability of the Wageningen UR network. Kadans Science Partner connects both parts of the campus with locations, facilities and support on both the university campus and the BSPW.
In addition to business locations and shared (research) facilities, Wageningen Campus also provides other facilities. Campus Plaza houses over 400 students, a restaurant and a grocery store.  Because of this, the campus is also a very active environment during the evening and forms a connection between the university and the city. The campus is very spacious, with loads of greenery and open space, to stimulate meetings between people. The campus strives for a high level of sustainability, aiming to reach 80% climate-neutrality in 2030.

Both locations of Wageningen Campus are easy to reach by public transportation. Train station Ede-Wageningen is easy to reach from anywhere in the country and various buses provide the opportunity to quickly reach the university campus and BSPW. Both locations provide plenty of parking spaces, directly adjacent to or nearby the buildings. The Wageningen Campus has separate bike lanes that connect all buildings, the university campus and the BSPW.

Kadans facilities on Wageningen Campus

Plus Ultra on Wageningen Campus

Plus Ultra

Plus Ultra is a breeding place developed for startups and mature knowledge-intensive businesses and institutes. End 2015 marked the delivery of Plus Ultra, a location in which synergy, interaction, cooperation and open innovation between the various companies are key. All the occupants of this building share knowledge and work together on new developments. Openness, transparency, communication and visibility play a critical role. Read more...

BioPartner Center Wageningen

One of the activities of Kadans Science Partner is the continuation of all activities of BioPartner Center Wageningen (BPCW), which was founded in 2011 as the catalyst and incubator of the Food Valley. The incubator lies in the heart of the Food Valley region, the food centre of Europe, and the most high-potential and innovative food cluster of its kind. Here, over 10,000 people are involved daily in research, development, education and business in the Life Sciences, Food and Health. Read more...

Binnenhaven 5 Wageningen (Ten Houten) on Wageningen Campus

Binnenhaven 5

Specially for Eurofins (formerly BLGG AgroXpertus), Kadans Science Partner has completely renovated and expanded the Ten Houten building on Bio Science Park Wageningen. The former university building includes over 11,500 square meters of office and laboratory spaces for Eurofins. The building has been completely updated and adjusted to the wishes of the user. Read more...

Marijkeweg 22 Wageningen - Marijkehuis on Wageningen Campus

Marijkeweg 22

Kadans acquired this property in 2009 from the Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR) and carried out a complete renovation. The building immediately adjoins Rijn IJssel College, which houses a Konditorei. Marijkehuis offers accommodation to entrepreneurs who require office and laboratory space. This concerns startups in the field of R&D and other organisations with a need for office space. Read more...

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