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Posthuis - TripleO Campus Breda

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TripleO Campus Breda
ca. 4.050 sqm
Craze, PostNL

About Posthuis

The current PostNL building will become the fourth multi-tenant building on TripleO Campus. The PostNL building lies adjecent to the other buildings on campus: Blushuis, AV-huis and Pakhuis. The larger part of the Posthuis building will still be used by PostNL as a sorting and distribution center. The other part of the building is leased to Craze B.V., a marketing and advertising agency with over 15 employees.

The PostNL building is renamed to Posthuis and will be added to TripleO Campus soon after the redevelopment is finished. After the renovation, Craze will lease the front end of the Posthuis building. With the redevelopment, Posthuis will obtain a more transparent and contemporary look, matching the TripleO Campus.

Around the building, extra parking spaces are available for occupants of the TripleO Campus buildings. With more tenants on TripleO Campus, the need for more parking spaces is increasing. By parking cars on the rim of the campus instead of the main campus area, a better campus look and feel will be established. 

Do you want to know more about Posthuis or TripleO Campus in Breda? Or do you want to review the opportunities in one of the multi-tenant buildings or your own single-tenant building on campus? Contact Pim van Os (e-mail) for more information!

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Posthuis on TripleO Campus
Posthuis on TripleO Campus
Posthuis on TripleO Campus
Posthuis on TripleO Campus
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